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“4 Big Reasons To Buy Thick Exercise Mats For Your Workout And Personal Fitness Routines!”

Are you looking for thick exercise mats? 

A large, durable, thick workout mat for exercise is necessary in order to get the most out of your routine. Here are a few things to consider when looking for thick exercise mats for personal fitness and yoga.

1) Thick Exercise Mats Offer Shock Absorption:

Due to the intense nature of advanced yoga, Pilates and custom workout programs, it is a good idea to find a mat that will absorb shock, and put less strain on your joints. Pogamat is made out of 6.5mm PVC, which is the ultimate shock-absorbing material.

2) Thick Exercise Mats Offer Slip-Resistance:

Your thick exercise mats should be made out of material that both your shoes and your hands will be able to grip well. Pogamat is slip-resistant, and will allow you to get your best workout in safely.

3) Thick Exercise Mats Offer Large Sizes (XL and XXL)

Having a large exercise mat will ensure you have maximum landing contact when you are doing high-intensity workouts. Pogamat XL is 27″ x 78″ and Pogamat XXL is 48″ by 78″ and both work great for exercise program you are committed to. Anything smaller than the Pogamat XL, and you will have too little space for Insanity.

4) Thick Exercise Mats Offer Strength And Durability:

Because there are so many intense workouts, you need thick exercise mats that will last a while, and can be used with shoes without crumbling. Pogamat is made out of extremely durable material, and will last years and years without wearing.

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What People Say About Thick Exercise Mats:

“Absolutely love it.  I roll it out in my home theatre every morning and  do a variety of BeachBody workouts on it, like P90X, T25, Insanity. It has the perfect thickness and firmness to do everything from yoga to plyometrics – and because of its size you have lots of space to move around.”

Stefan T.

“Finally A Mat That I Love!  I’ve been through many exercise mats and this is by far the best. It’s the perfect thickness but not too mushy! It’s great for plyo, floor exercises etc. I kind of feel like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears – other mats have been too small, too soft, too slippery….finally one that is JUST RIGHT! Highly recommended. I followed the instructions for breaking in the mat and it works perfectly the very first time.”

– Geri

“Where do I start? Pogamat is just all around awesome! I do a routine daily of yoga and stretching, especially my back, as I sit all day long as a jewelry designer. The first thing I saw when I unrolled my mat it rolled out almost instantly flat on the floor. I mean the corners did not roll up. Score!!! I threw out so many different mat because of the fact that corners roll. I made the descision a while ago to throw out all carpet and replace it with slippery wooden floor. My Pogamat lays flat on the floor and does not slip…silch. From my experience with other mats ….omg there is nothing worth the trying to lifft up your body with your hand and have the mat move under you. So with this said it does not slip on heart floors. Then last but not least I love the size and the thickness of my Pogamat. It’s longer and double as thick as a normal Yogamat. I am going on 50 years old and I am doing exercises on my knees!!! Why because I can with Pogamat. It does not hurt. After you done you simple wipe your mat of roll it up and put it away. The best mat I will ever own. Thank you !!!!!”

– Lexi Butler

“I was the lucky winner of the xl pogamat! I was so excited when I got it! I’ve been doing Shaun T25 focus. I have been worried about destroying our area rug by the jumping and sweating on it! This mat is great as it doesn’t ride up when I’m jumping on it! And it is pretty thick! I am so happy and thankful I have it!!”

– Denise Horinek

“The best mat ever!  After a summer of working outside, the winter has forced me indoors. Luckily, my Pogamat arrived just in time. It is fantastic. The perfect size and thickness to give you more than enough room for whatever exercise routine you want to perform and still remain easy to store when not in use. It is about seven cuts above any regular yoga or exercise mat I have ever owned and much easier and more cost effective than trying to lay down some sort of permanent resilient matting.

The design and quality of the materials are both exceptional. I use it everyday and it just gets better with use. I look forward to having it for years.

Beyond the mat itself, the company and Eric Landis in particular are wonderful. Eric developed the product for himself and is really committed to making sure that each person using his mat has the best experience possible. You really can’t ask for better.

I have and will continue to recommend the Pogamat to friends, anyone who sees it wants one. I encourage anyone looking for a mat to stop looking and buy this one. You will never regret it.”

– David

“Perfect Exercise Mat!  Have tried several other mats. None are as durable or comfortable as the Pogamat! I use two of the larger mats under my TRX suspension trainer at home and they are perfect! NO slipping on the mat or the mat on the floor. They also have the ideal amount of cushion. Not paper thin like most mats or way to thick like some others. This is definitely the best exercise mat on the market! Love it!”

– Dave