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XL Cardio Mats

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Large Yoga Mats and Exercise Mats

Pogamat Large Yoga Mats 78″ X 27″ X 6.5mm Thick – High Density Anti-Tear Workout Mat For All Types Of Fitness Training. Exercise Mat Lays Flat And Does Not “Bunch Up”. Used With Or Without Shoes.

27″ x 78″ x 6.5 mm. 8.5 lbs

Extra Wide (27″ compared to standard 24″)

Extra Long (78” compared to standard 68”)

• Improves Your Yoga Practice
• Hold Poses Longer
Dense Material Reduces Impact With Hard Surfaces
• Slip Resistant To Keep Hands And Feet From Sliding
• Wider and Longer Than Standard Yoga Mat Size

Usage: With or Without Shoes

Material Doesn’t Crumble

No Odor

FREE: 3 Velcro Mat Straps

FREE: Shipping (US Orders)

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. US Orders.

Materials: Made Only Of Premium Non-Toxic Synthetic Materials. High Density Eco-Friendly PVC. No Latex. No Silicone. Non flammable. Free From Phthalates. No Odor. Toxin Free. We support eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.

Ships in 1-2 business days.

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Product Description

Pogamat XL  Exercise Mat & Yoga Mats

27″ x 78″ x 6.5 mm

Extra Long Length (78″ compared to standard yoga mat length 68″)

Extra Wide (27″ compared to the standard 24″)

Thick More than 2X the thickness of a standard yoga mat.

CAN I WEAR SHOES ON POGAMAT?  Absolutely! Pogamat is very cardio/plyo friendly. It works great for all types of fitness training! At home workouts or take to fitness classes.

No Odor: You do not need to let Pogamat air out before using. You can unroll Pogamat and start working out immediately.

Anti-Slip Surface: The top of the yoga mat has a non sticky grip and traction to keep from slipping.

Material Doesnt Crumble: Pogamat is made of high quality material and designed for high intensity workouts. You can wear shoes on Pogamat and it will not crumble

Rounded Corners: Keeps the mat laying flat and the edges from peeling up.

Great on Any Surface: Pogamat has a textured bottom to prevent sliding on any surface. Pogamat has been used on carpet, tile, hardwood, grass, in garages, and parking lots.

Portable: Available shoulder strap makes Pogamat easily portable.  Perfect exercise mat for cardio class.

With high quality mats, there is a “break-in” period.

Prior to use, Pogamat XL and Pogamat XXL will have a very thin protective film and may feel a little slippery. It may take several workouts to break in Pogamat and provide maximum traction.

The BEST way to break in Pogamat: use it daily!

The FASTEST way to break in Pogamat:

After 1.5 years, customer Michael P. figured it out!

To remove the protective layer on the surface of Pogamat XL and XXL:

  1. Using a nylon brush, scrub the mat good with pumice soap and a little water (4 oz. for XL and 8 oz for XXL or less). This will remove the protective layer. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.
  2. Let Pogamat air dry in the sun (logo side up).  Pogamat will always lay flat and the corners will never “peel up”

This will significantly reduce the time needed to break in Pogamat.  As you continue to use the mat, it will become softer and traction will increase.

Pogamat Large Exercise Mats Are Used By Personal Trainers, Yogis, Coaches, Athletes, Gym Owners, Moms, Current and Retired Military.

Additional Information

Weight 9.00 lbs

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