What Our Customers Say About Pogamat: 

by Cheryl on Pogamat
Great Mat, no clean up
Where do you use Pogamat?: at home
What types of exercises do you do?: cardio, weights

My husband bought this for me. The mat I was using I had for quite a while and every time I used it, tiny little pieces of it came off and I had to sweep up the floor every time I used it and everytime I pulled it out of the closet to use. It took a lot of time in the mornings for me. This is great, no little pieces of it are on the floor, no crumblings, nothing. occasionally I do sweep it to get animal hair off (cats, dog). but nothing like it was.thank you.

by Joe on Pogamat
Don't forget tbe strap!!
Where do you use Pogamat?: Home, outdoors

Yes! Pogmat is a fantastic multi-dimensional, multi-purpose workout mat. When it comes to accommodating all of my various exercise routines, there is nothing better!!!  Thanks Pogamat

by john moore on Pogamat
XL Yoga Mat
Where do you use Pogamat?: yoga class
What types of exercises do you do?: yoga

I have been practicing yoga for a few years and have been using a typical cheap mat. At 6 feet tall and 225lbs I really wanted something made for me. I found it! The Pogamat XL was just what I wanted. It is long enough and wide enough to keep me "on the mat" during practice. My Pogamat XL stays put too. It does not slip or curl up. I am extremely satisfied. In fact, I just ordered a second mat for my wife!

by Michelle Spencer on Pogamat
Non Slip
Where do you use Pogamat?: When I workout
What types of exercises do you do?: Yoga, pilates and mid to low body workouts

So, I used to use yoga socks and gloves when I did anything on my yoga mate because I would slip on it when I got hot and started sweating. In August 2016 I enjoyed a class "Yoga in the Park" in Denver, CO. I had my mat, socks and gloves. The man behind me had a Pogamat and wasn't slipping. At the end of the class there was a Pogamat stand and the mats. Now I don't wear my gloves or my socks and I don't slip during any of my workouts. Thank you so much Pogamat!!!!!

by Adri on Pogamat
Where do you use Pogamat?: Home, Studio, Backyard
What types of exercises do you do?: Yoga, pilates, TRX

I love these mats. I have both the XXL and the XL mats and I absolutely love them. They provide excellent support and stability, they are durable and a great addition for all types of practices and exercises.

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