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What can I use Pogamat for?
What is the difference between the POGAMAT EXERCISE MAT and POGAMAT YOGA MAT?
What types of surfaces can I use Pogamat on?
What are the specs of Pogamat?
Can I wear shoes on Pogamat?
How do I clean my Pogamat?
Breaking in Pogamat. Pogamat first feels a little slippery. Why is that?
What colors are currently available with Pogamat?
Can I use a Pogamat for cardio exercises?
Where should I keep Pogamat when I’m not using it?
Where can I order Pogamat?
Can I buy a Pogamat if I live outside the United States?
How will Pogamat ship?
How will I know that my order has been processed and shipped?
What if I decide that Pogamat is not for me?

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