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“The Best Yoga Mats Are Large, Thick, and Durable!”

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We appreciate you stopping by to read unbiased reviews about who has the best yoga mats for sale in the US market. A study was done from over 1,000 reviewers who are considered the top experts in workout and exercise mats for yoga and Pilates.

Here is what they put together for yoga mats reviews:

1. Pogamat – XL & XXL – Thick Exercise Mats

Many reviewers said that the Pogamat is a combination of thick, durable, strong, large and spacious. The extra room on the mat allows you to avoid re-positioning yourself during your workout routine.

2. Manduka Black Mat Pro – Overview at

Many reviewers say you can’t go wrong with the Manduka Black Mat Pro. The thick PVC mat is comfortable and firm enough to properly support balance. Users say the Black Mat Pro lasts for years with hardly any wear and tear.

3. Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat – Eco-friendly Mats

Made frоm PVC-free natural rubber, thе Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat offers excellent grip аnd stability, еvеn during sweaty yoga sessions. Thе natural rubber cushions withоut bеing tоо soft, reviewers say, аlthоugh ѕоmе complain thаt thеir mat wore оut quickly with regular use. Othеr owners complain оf a strong rubber smell thаt nеvеr gоеѕ аwау completely.

So there you have it, the top three best yoga mats reviews for 2015 and the companies that represent them. Get started today with your very own Pogamat risk-free!

Best Yoga Mats Reviews: What Do You Get With Pogamat?

Large: The extra room on our yoga mats help you keep the flow in yoga class without losing focus by re-situating yourself on the mat too often.

Pogamat XL is 27” x 78” giving you more space than your average yoga mats, which are 24” x 68”.

Pogamat XXL is 48” x 78” giving you more space than your average yoga mats, which are 24” x 68”.

Yoga Mats

Thick: Pogamat is 6.5mm thick, more than twice the thickness of a standard mat.  The added thickness will cushion for your joints during yoga, so you never have to fold your mat over.

Durable: Pogamat makes durable yoga mats, made out of PVC. Pogamat lasts years and years and actually get better with time, not worse, making it one of the best yoga mats around!

Grippy: Our yoga mats provide great grip, which will help you get into more challenging yoga poses and keep your grip in downward dog.

Lies Flat: The corners of our workout mats are rounded to keep the mat lying flat. Pogamat does not “peel up” at the ends like many yoga mats do.

Use Anywhere: Pogamat can be used on any surface, whether you want to practice yoga on carpet, tile, grass or sand. Pogamat keeps it’s integrity on any surface, so you can do yoga anywhere!

Sanitary: Our yoga mats protects from germs and odor, aren’t porous and are easy to clean up after class!


Pogamat XL

Pogamat XL makes one of the best yoga mats around. You will enjoy the extra room and added cushion Pogamat provides, as well as the easy clean-up after class!large yoga mats

Extra Wide (27″ compared to the standard 24″)

Extra Long  (78” compared to the standard 68”)

Thick (6.5mm thick compared to 2-4mm)

Learn more about Pogamat XL here!

Pogamat XXL

Pogamat XXL is perfect for couples yoga, acro yoga and TRX yoga, giving you extra space to play around with Yoga Matsdifferent postures. Pogamat XXL is also great for yoga at home, so you can work on your inversions without worrying about falling on the hard ground.

Pogamat XXL is 6.5mm thick, 48″ wide , 78” long.

Learn more about Pogamat XXL here!

Pogamat Strap

Carry your Pogamat to your yoga studio with the convenient Shoulder Strap to carry your yoga mats, and an O ringyoga mat strap to carry your water bottle and keys. The Pogamat Strap also doubles as a prop for yoga, as you can use it to reach difficult poses in yoga and get deeper into some postures.

Learn more about Pogamat Shoulder Straps here!